All Lectures by Imam Anwar Awlaki


25 Promises from Allah to the Believers

A Goodly Word like a Goodly Tree

A Walk in Paradise

Abu Bakr As-Siddique (ra) his life and times

Allah is preparing us for Victory

Benefits of Ayatul Kursi

Bearer of Glad Tiding

Brutality towards the Muslims

Companions of the Ditch

Lessons from Life of Musa (pbuh)

Constants on the Path of Jihad


Investing towards the Hereafter

Jinns, Freemason & Magic

Lessons from the Companions living as a Minority

Lives of the Prophets

Mashari Al Ashwaq – The Story of Ibn al Akwa


Revivers of the Message

A Quest for Truth – Salman Al Farsi (ra)

Short Talks after Fajr

Stop Police Terror

Stories from Hadith

Studying Seerah is Ibadah

The Hereafter

The Life of Muhammad (SAW) Makkan Period

The Life of Muhammad (SAW) Madinan Period Vol 1

The Life of Muhammad (SAW) Madinan Period Vol 2

The Story of the Bull

The Ultimate End Of Those Who Opposed

Tolerance a hallmark of a Muslim

Trust in Allah

Umar bin Al Khattab (ra) his life and times

Understanding the Quran

War against Islam

Young Aiesha (RA)

The Dust will never settle

Battle of The Hearts and Minds

State of the Ummah

Dreams and Dreams Interpretation


30 thoughts on “All Lectures by Imam Anwar Awlaki”

  1. All links are working, just copy and paste the links in your browser.
    For other alternate links check out the blog for anwar awlaki’s posts

  2. this is stealing is there anyway i can pay the brother i wanna listen 2 the talk somehow though, i got his talk on Abu Bakr and if i knew how to, i would buy all of them

  3. thanks for sharing. but i think is a better file hosting site that Maybe you can check it out next time.

  4. I use rapidshare because i have a premium account, and the fear for uploaded files being deleted is nil.
    BTW, i always provide a mirror link for those who cannot use rapidshare.

  5. asalumualaykum
    Hello again i started just then uploading ahmed deedat mp3’s to rapid share do you want me to finish all 113 first and then what i have never done this before how do you get the links from me guide me brother

  6. asalumualaykum
    Hello again i started just then uploading ahmed deedat mp3’s to rapid share do you want me to finish all 113 first and then what i have never done this before how do you get the links from me guide me brother

      1. Assalamua’alaikum warahmathullah…..
        Brother You r defenitely doing a very very good work for ALLAH, But I cant download files of Life of Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) and Umar(RA) and Abubakr(RA)….
        rapidshare is not allowing to download as I am a free user….
        please find a solution dear….Ma Allah protect this blessed scholar of Islam….He have opened the eyes of many by Allah’s grace….He was almost killed and everybody thaught that he was killed by the US aided air strike in Yemen, but mashaAllah reports came that he was safe by Allah’s Kudhrath….

      2. U just need to check the individual posts for Life of Muhammad (saw) and Umar Bin AL-Khattab (ra)..the induvidual posts has mirror links other than rapidshare. check it and lemme know !

  7. Inshallah I’m a student italian .reading in Internet I read that some students who come from chechenia to egypt was arrested from the police .is it possible Know why happen that normal student are now persecuted in russian prison?I want to know from you if is it really.if you want to respond to my email and giving information about this episode and if you have a referent in italy who can explain to me wath is happen.tanks soo much name is nicola

  8. I was stunned and amazed by seeing ALLAH’s decision over Ur posts….

    MashaALLAH,….May ALLAH reward us with victory both here and hereafter…

  9. Thanks bro for doing a great job.When someone speaks the truth, he is always demonised. I salute people like sh anwar and George gallaway – people who selflessly srive for humanity, and dare to speak the truth! I have learnt so much from Sh Anwar’s lectures – and now some apologists are quickly trying to remove sh awlakis lectures from their websites. absolute cowardice! Keep up the good work brother!

  10. Hello my followers!

    This is me, your Holy Leader, Allah!

    Now listen you stupid ignorant people. Get with it already. I don’t exist and everything related to religion is utter bull!

    There is only the here and now. Make the most of it using your logic and senses!

    Or I promise you that you will waste your life!

    1. Lol,

      Look denying GOD has placed you in a position where you are denying yourself. Denying existence of creator is denying creation and you are a creation. You are a created being ponder over this indeed in creation of man their is lot to ponder for men of understanding. Anyway you have came to right place, listen to Lectures of Dr Zakir Naik, Sheikh Khalid Yasin, Yusuf Estes and Dr Bilal Philips Inshallah your confusion will be gone and you won’t deny your existence anymore.

      Here and now is a test for after. Make the most of it using your logic & senses!

      Or I promise that if you deny you will waste your life here and in hereafter too!

  11. Dear brothers and sisters, you can easily download from Rapidshare with a freeware program called Jdownloader. Just copy the links, the program will do the rest! If the links are dead, you will be notificed. So one doesn’ t need to be a premiumuser.
    Thanks very very much for the lections given here, and I hope to find more because I myself have lack of knowledge and this helps a lot. Keep the good work going!

  12. as salam u alikum

    guys help me to download these lectures i am free user at rapidshare and when i want to download any lecture rapidshare site says buy rapids. is there any alternative way to download it may this increase my iman and reward the one who help me for ALLAH sake..plzzzzz help guys..plz respond

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