Yasir Qadhi

O My Dear Son !

By ~ Yasir Qadhi


Based on Surah Luqman, this lecture is about the ideal father-son relationship. Not only can the message delivered in this presentation be useful for the fathers and sons but also for parents and their children as a whole, regardless of age. The wisdom of Luqman was quite insightful and fore-sighting, a quality which many parents lack in the upbringing of their children. The speaker in this presentation extracts lessons from Surah Luqman related to child rearing.


The Face of Fitna

By ~ Yasir Qadhi


Allah states in the Quran that it is not enough for mankind to say they believe; they must prove that belief by being tested as well. The Prophet (S) narrated that the early generations were blessed and that it will be the later generations that will be tested with more trials and tribulations. They will be tested such that every time a trial appears, it will make the one before it seem trivial.So how should these later generations prepare? Is it enough to merely “survive” these trials? Or are these trials a means of differentiating true faith from hypocrisy?Learn how Muslims should react to fitnahs and what they can gain (or lose) by them.


Kitaab at-Tawheed ~ By Yasir Qadhi

Kitaab at-Tawheed

~ By Yasir Qadhi

Tawheed is based from the root word Wah-hada. Wahhada means to make something one. Tawheed is the act of ascribing unity to something. (this is the linguistic definition).
When it comes to islamic sciences – Tawheed refers to the unification of Allah(subhana wa ta’ala) in the aspect of Rububeeyah, Ulooheeyah and Asma wassiffat. To make Allah(subhana wa ta’ala) one in these 3 aspects.

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The Story of the Ifk





The Story of the Ifk

by Yasir Qadhi

The seerah is abound with numerous incidents from which we can extract benefits which can be implemented in our daily lives. The story of the ifk is one such incident which is overflowing with lessons.

One of the most traumatic periods in the life of Prophet Muhammad sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam centered around his family affairs. It was an attack, a slander invented by the hypocrites, against Aisha radi Allahu anha, the most beloved of his wives, and one of his closest companions.

This incident is one which carries immense benefit, and it has the effect of softening our hearts to the extent that we can even feel the pain and anguish which the Prophet sal Allaahu alayhi wa sallam, Aisha radi Allahu anha, her father Abu Bakr and the Sahaabaa radi Allahu anhu experienced. It is therefore one of the most important stories in the seerah and is especially relevant in today’s time when there is much fitnah between Muslims.