Why and How to Learn Arabic

Nouman Ali Khan of the Bayyinah Arabic Institute (www.bayyinah.com) gave this speech in Houston, Texas. He explains the importance of studying Arabic for comprehension of the Quran. And he discusses the pitfalls of many techniques used by students. Finally, he describes the advantages of the methods used by Bayyinah. A must-see for any student studying Arabic to better understand the Quran and Islam.


10 thoughts on “Why and How to Learn Arabic”

  1. Assalamaleikum Wrmtllah Wbrktuhu

    We’re interested in learning the language of the Qur’an and as well to assist in propagating your good work in our entire Community.

    Waiting to read from you soon. Much Obliged

    Best Regards
    Mohammed Davies (JP)
    London England UK/ Melbourne Austalia

  2. You did great job. I like it. Yopu say about your 10 cours.Can i get it online.
    I am an Indian ,working in jeddah in Saudi Arabia.If you know like this cours in Jeddah please give me some info.

  3. Assalaamualaukum,
    One of the best source to learn Arabic which i found 6 months ago was from the below site. Alhamdulillah i have learnt a lot. I m almost about to complete my second book of Madinah University with the help of these DVD`s that i have dowloaded. Insha Allah an excellent gift from Islamic Community to the ones who seriouly want to learn Arabic.


    Dont forget to download handouts.

    Salaudeen Khan

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