Reflections on the Stories of Quran


By: Dr. Bashar Shala

Concept of Wisdom
(Al-Hikmah) in Islam based on Surah Luqman.

Story of Creation

Reflections on the Stories of Quran (Introduction); The Story of Creation ; The Throne & The Pen; Creation of Heavens and Earth;…of_Quran_1.mp3

The Story of Creation; Creation of Angels & Jinns; Creation of Human Being…of_Quran_2.mp3

The Story of Creation; Creation of Adam; The Prostration; The First Sin; Pride & Arrogance, Ungratefulness, Envy, Lack of Submission,
and Stubbornness; The Expulsion of Iblees; The Vow of Iblees;…of_Quran_3.mp3

The Story of Creation; Creation of Hawwa’ (Eve); Adam (as) in Jannah; The Temptation; The Sin, Exposure, and Repentance of Adam & Hawwa;
The Sins of Adam & Iblees; The Fall to Earth; The Covenant;…of_Quran_4.mp3

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Two Sons of Adam

The Story of the Two Sons of Adam (Surah Al-Ma’idah: 27-31); The First Crime of Murder;…of_Quran_5.mp3

Story of the Two Sons of Adam ( Lessons Learned ); Conditions of Acceptance of our Deeds; The Enormity of Killing a Human Being;
The Human Self (Naf’s);…of_Quran_6.mp3

Prophet Nuh (as)

Conclusion of the Story of Two Sons of Adam; Introduction to the Story of Prophet Nooh (as); The Message of Nooh; The Call to Allah (Da’wah)…of_Quran_7.mp3…of_Quran_8.mp3…of_Quran_9.mp3…f_Quran-10.mp3

Prophet Hood (as)

The Story of Prophet Hood (as); The People of ‘Ad; Their Arrogance, Tyranny, Shirk, Disblief in the Hereafter, and
the Blind following of misguided leaders; The Message of Hood (as); The Response of ‘Ad; The Punishment.…f_Quran-11.mp3

Prophet Saleh (as)

The Story of Prophet Saleh (as); The Message & the Methods of Prophet Saleh; The Response of Thamud (Requesting the Miracle);
The Sign of She-Camel; The Test; Lessons Learned.…f_Quran-12.mp3

Owners of the Garden;

Owners of the Garden; Story based on Surah Al-Qalam v 17-33; Trial by Wealth & Power; The Realization of Wrong-Doing;
Admittance of Guilt; Repentance; Reflections on the Story;…f_Quran-13.mp3

Prophet Ibrahim (as)

Introduction to the Story of Prophet Ibrahim (as);…f_Quran-14.mp3

Reflections on the Story of Prophet Ibrahim (as);…f_Quran-15.mp3

Reflections on the Story of Prophet Ibrahim (as); Reliance on Allah (concept of Tawakkul and the attribute of Al-Wakeel); Lessons learned:
Tawheed (Oneness of Allah), Ikhlas (Sincerity), Sacrifice, and Reliance on Allah;…f_Quran-16.mp3

Reflections on the Story of Prophet Ibrahim (as); Facing the Tyrant: Nimrod; Separation from Paganism & Evil (the Hijrah); The Concept of Auliyah in Islam;…f_Quran-17.mp3

Reflections on the Story of Prophet Ibrahim (as); Ibrahim and Sarah (as); Ibrahim and Hajar (as); As-Safa & Al-Marwah; Zamzam; Lessons learned;…f_Quran-18.mp3

Reflections on the Story of Prophet Ibrahim (as); Story of Ismail (as); The Great Sacrifice; Ibrahim & Ismail (as); Lessons learned;…f_Quran-19.mp3

Reflections on the Story of Prophet Ibrahim (as); Honors bestowed on Ibrahim (as) by Allah (SWT); Story of Ibrahim’s guests; Glad tidings given to Ibrahim (as);
Building of the Ka’ba; Calling Humanity to Hajj; Prayers of Ibrahim (as);…f_Quran-20.mp3

Prophet Lut (as)

Brief review of the last session; Introduction to the Story of Prophet Lut (as);…f_Quran-21.mp3

Review of the last session; Continuation of the Story of Prophet Lut (as); Crimes of the people of Sodom; Prayer of Prophet Lut (as); The Guests of Ibrahim (as) visit Prophet Lut (as); Men of Sodom converge on the house of Lut (as); Lut (as) and his family are asked to leave town by the messengers; Betrayal of the wife of Lut (as); Series of Punishments; Lessons learned;…f_Quran-22.mp3

Prophet Shu’aib (as)

The Story of Prophet Shu’aib (as); His message; Crimes of the people of Madyan; Etiquettes of finacial & business dealings in Islam; Du’a of Prophet Shu’aib (as); Series of Punishments; Lessons learned;…f_Quran-23.mp3

Prophet Yusuf (as)

Introduction to the Story of Prophet Yusuf (as); Lineage of Prophet Yusuf (as); The vision of Yusuf (as); Evil power of Envy;…f_Quran-24.mp3

Story of Prophet Yusuf (as); Lessons Learned: Evil of Envy (Hasad); Reward of Patience (Sab’r);…f_Quran-25.mp3

Story of Prophet Yusuf (as); Gift of Wisdom & Knowledge from Allah (SWT); Adopted by the Aziz of Egypt; Trial by Seduction; Yusuf (as) Exonerated;
Yusuf (as) sent to Prison;…f_Quran-26.mp3

Story of Prophet Yusuf (as); Yusuf (as) in the Prison; Interpretation of dreams; Dream of the two cell mates; Lesson in Dawah; Dream of the king of Egypt; Acceptence of guilt by the wife of Aziz;…f_Quran-27.mp3

Story of Prophet Yusuf (as); Yusuf Exonerated; Yusuf appointed as the Treasurer of Egypt; Yusuf’s brothers visit him in Egypt; Allah’s plan to bring
Bin Yamin (Benjamin) back to Yusuf;…f_Quran-28.mp3…f_Quran-29.mp3

Conclusion of the Story of Prophet Yusuf (as);Lessons in Taqwah, Sabr’, and I’hsan; Fulfillment of the dream of Yusuf (as)…f_Quran-30.mp3

Prophet Ayyub (as)

The Story of Prophet Ayyub (as); Lessons in Patience and Endurance; Etiquettes of Enduring Adversity & Afflictions;…f_Quran-31.mp3

Prophet Yunus (as)

The Story of Prophet Yunus (as); Reflection on the Lessons;…f_Quran-32.mp3

Prophet Musa (as)

Introduction to the Story of Prophet Musa (as);…f_Quran-33.mp3

Story of Prophet Musa (as) continued; Etiquettes of Controlling Anger;…f_Quran-34.mp3

Story of Prophet Musa (as) continued; Comprehensive meaning of Haya’;…f_Quran-35.mp3

Story of Prophet Musa (as) continued; Musa’s (as) conversation with Allah (SWT) at Mount Tur; His Mission; His Trials;…f_Quran-36.mp3

Prophet Musa (as)’s Mission & Message; Musa’s Confrontation with Fir’aun (Pharaoh);…f_Quran-37.mp3

The Confrontation with Pharaoh; Lessons in Da’wah;…f_Quran-38.mp3

Musa (as) and the Sorcerers; Sorcerers prostrate to Allah; Characteristics of a Tyrant;Ways of facing Tyranny…f_Quran-39.mp3

Ways of Facing Tyranny by Callers to Allah (SWT); Pharaoh’s Tactics and Ways of Rejecting the Truth; The Believer of Pharaoh’s Family;…f_Quran-40.mp3

The Believer from Pharaoh’s Family; The Nine Signs;…f_Quran-41.mp3

Dua’ of Prophet Musa (as); Exodus of Bani Israel; The Final Sign – The Splitting of the Sea & Destruction of Fir’aun (Pharaoh) and his followers;
Lessons Learned;…f_Quran-42.mp3

Story of Qarun (Korah);…f_Quran-43.mp3

Stories from Surah Al-Kahf

The Story of Musa (as) and Al-Khidr (Surah Al-Kahf v 65-82);…f_Quran-44.mp3

The Story of the People of the Cave (As-haab Al-Kahf Verses 9-26);…f_Quran-45.mp3

The Owner of the two Gardens (Surah Al-Kahf v 28-49)…f_Quran-46.mp3

The Story of Thul-Qarnayn (Surah Al-Kahf v 83-98) ; Significance of Surah Al-Kahf;…f_Quran-47.mp3

Believer of Surah YaSeen

The Believer of Surah Ya-seen (verses 13-29); Great Lessons in Dawah;…f_Quran-48.mp3

Talut and Jalut

The Story of Talut & Jalut (Saul & Goliath); Lessons in Fulfilling our Promises & Covenants;…f_Quran-49.mp3

Prophet Dawud (as)

Review of Last Session; The Story of Prophet Dawud (as); Lessons Learned;…f_Quran-50.mp3

Prophet Sulayman (as)

The Story of Prophet Sulayman (as); His Wisdom in rendering Justice;…f_Quran-51.mp3

The Story of Prophet Sulayman (as) continued; The Queen of Sheba; Lessons in Thankfulness to Allah (SWT)…f_Quran-52.mp3

Conclusion of the Story of Prophet Sulayman (as); Lessons Learned;…f_Quran-53.mp3

The Family of Imran

The Family of Imran (Aal Imraan); Prophet Zakariya (as)…f_Quran-54.mp3

The Family of Imran (Aal Imraan); Maryam (as); Prophet ‘Isa ibn Maryam or Jesus son of Mary (as); Three types of Shirk/Kufr attributed to Jesus;…f_Quran-55.mp3

Prophet ‘Isa (as) son of Maryam (Jesus son of Mary); Signs of ‘Isa’s Prophecy-Miracles; ‘Isa’s (as) Message…f_Quran-56.mp3

Stories of Yemen

Stories of Yemen; The Origin of Arabs; Historical background of Arabia before the birth of the Prophet (pbuh); Story of the King and the Young Believer;…f_Quran-57.mp3


2 thoughts on “Reflections on the Stories of Quran”

  1. In stories of the Holy Prophets, there are innumerable lessons to fastion our respective lives in accordance with the tenants of Quran.

    These tales of the Holy Quran also serve as the best guide for comparion purpose with other holy books.

  2. this is an analysis of the book LESSONS LEARNT FROM THE STORIES OF QURAN

    its a must read.

    Critical analysis; by (
    The book is a good effort but some aspects are wrong.
    Firstly; In the story of Adam; the writer says that the forbidden tree was in fact the act of intercourse between Adam and Eve. The writer has tried to prove this point in the light of verse 22 of Surah Al-Araaf. However, this is totally wrong.
    There is no specific mentioning of any name of that tree in the Quran. In Surah Taha, in verse 121, the words used are such like that Adam (A.S) ate from the tree which clearly indicates that it was not a sexual act that was meant by that tree. Furthermore, there is no clear indication of the tree in ahadith of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). so we must not try bringing meanings out of nowhere as this is a great sin.

    Secondly; in the story of Nuh(A.S) the writer says that the boat made by Nuh only contained the believers at that time and Nuh(A.S). thus the writer denies the fact that Allah ordered Nuh to put one pair each of all living organisms in the boat and this fact which is denied by the author through mere logic is stated in Surah Hud verse no. 40.
    Thirdly; the writer has written about Hazrat Suleman (A.S) and in the story of Suleman’s death, the writer has taken a wrong interpretation of the verse 14 of Surah Saba. The writer says that the insect from the earth that ate Suleman’s stick actually symbolizes Suleman’s son who after his death ruined his kingdom by an extravagant way of life. However there is no such interpretation in any tradition of holy prophet (P.B.U.H). The fair and only meaning of the verse is that the ghosts who were under Suleman’s (A.S) command came to know of his death when an insect from the earth ate his stick and he fell down.
    These are few misunderstandings which have been either intentionally or accidentally stated in the book. The readers must take into notice the authentic explanations of holy Quran and sahih traditions of ahadith once it comes to gaining religious knowledge. Mere logic is incomplete to understand the holy revelations that have been revealed by The All Knowing.

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