Khalid Yasin – What Is True Success In Life


Is true success in life achieving fame and fortune?
Evidently not, as we constantly hear stories of amous people who experience depression, use drugs and even commit suicide.
Money did not buy them happiness after all, as many beleive.
The West – so called ‘advanced nations’ – have the highest rate of suicide, divorce, drug and alcohol abuse and many other social problems – all because they wish to forget and escape the miseries of their life – hopelessly attempting to obtain happiness.
In this lecture, Shaykh Khalid Yasin reveals that true success in life is knowing your purpose on earth and where you ultimate destination is. The grave cannot be the end…




2 thoughts on “Khalid Yasin – What Is True Success In Life”

  1. Assalamu Alaykum.Thanks to ALLAH swt’may ALLAH accept your ibdeh and let you have the barakah for two worlds.
    It was long time I try to get the lecture of Khalid yasin’but at the end ALLAH swt let have it tonight.
    Please let have more lectures about islam in english of Khaled yasin.I will let my friends or coworkeres to have it with them and test the taste of iman by their lectures….

    wa alaykum assalm.

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