All Lectures by Jamal Badawi

Economic System Of Islam:

Economic Policy
Labor & Work Ethics
Muslim Contribution To Astronomy & Chemistry
Muslim Contribution To Mathematics & Physics
Muslim Contribution To Medicine Part1 Part2
Muslim Contribution To Other Field Part1 Part2
Production Learning & Experimentation
Production Qur’anic Foundation
Prohibition Of Riba (Interest)
Part1 Part2 Part3
Property Rights

Jesus(Prophet Essa-AS) Beloved Messenger Of Allah(SWT):

Authority & Authenticity Of Scriptures
Part1 Part2
Comparative Christology:
I – Methodology
Ii – The Qur’an & Deification
Deification Of Jesus-Its Evolution:
I – No Basis For Trinity
Ii – Disciples And Paul
Iii – Paul’s Role
Iv – Early Unitarians 1
V – Early Unitarians 2
Vi – The Council Of Nicaea (325)
Vii – Other Major Councils
Viii – Later Councils
Did Jesus(P) Claim Divinity:
I – Approach Of Study
Ii – Claims Attributed To Jesus(P)
Iii – More On Claims
Iv – Titles Of Jesus
V – Other Claims
Vi – Jesus(P) Denies Godhood
Vii – Responses To Objections
Jesus(P) In Islam:
I – Introduction
Ii – Birth Of Jesus(P)
Iii – His Nature
Iv – His Nature And Mission
V – End Of Jesus’ Mission
Vi – Ascention And Return Of Jesus(P)
Vii – The Second Coming Of Jesus(P) 1
Vii – The Second Coming Of Jesus(P) 2
Later Unitarians:
I – Servetus
Ii – Francis David
Iii – Sozini And Socianus
Iv – John Briddle
V – Emlyn And Lindsey
Vi – Joseph Priestly
Vii – William Channing

Miracles And Divinity – Biblical Parallels
The Question Of Mystery

Trinity, Atonement & Blood Sacrifice: Resurrection  Part1 Part2 Part3
Roots Of God-Incarnate
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8
The Islamic Perspective
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8
The Question Of The Trinity  Part1 Part2
Sin & Atonement Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6

Muhammad (saw) The Last Messenger Of Allah:

Anticipation & Signs
Jesus (P) On The Coming Of Muhammad (P):
The Gospel Of Barnabas
Barnabas On The Crucifiction Of Judas
Jesus (P) Appears To Disciples
Objections To Barnabas’ Gospel & Responses
Antiquity Of Barnabas’ Gospel
Essenic Terminology In Barnabas’
Authenticity Of The Gospel Of Barnabas Barnabas’ And Christology
Higgins’ Work
Methodology Of Studying Seerah:
1 Introduction
2 Problems With Orientalism
3 Problems With Some Muslim Writers
4 Problems With Haykal’s Approach – 1
5 Problems With Haykal’s Approach – 2
6 Sources Of Seerah – 1
7 Sources Of Seerah – 2
Muhammad (P) & Abrahamic Tree:
1 Introduction
2 Paran, Bacca And Ishmael
3 Attempts To Exclude Ishmael
4 Moses’ Prophecy About Muhammad (P)
5 Isaiah’s Prophecies
6 Isaiah’s And John’s
7 Jesus (P) On The Coming Of Muhammad (P)
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6
Muhammad (P) In Ancient Scriptures:
1 Zoroastrian & Buddhist Scriptures
2 Prophecies In Hindu Scriptures

Political System Of Islam:

Early Application I
Early Application Ii
Guiding Principles In Government
Imamite Concept I
Imamite Concept Ii
Nature Of Islamic Political Systems
Political Process – Choice Of Rulers
Religion & Politics
Al-Shura & Decision Making Process
Rights Of Non-Muslim Minorities
Virtues Of Abu-Bakr, Omar & Othman
Virtues Of Ali – Respect For Predecessors

Polygamy In Islamic Law:

Historical Perspective-1of5
Why Allowed?-3of5
Women’s Options-4of5

Social System Of Islam:
Emancipation Of Slaves I
Emancipation Of Slaves Ii
Human Brotherhood And Equility I
Human Brotherhood And Equility Ii
Islam’s View Of Sex
Muslim Women In History I
Muslim Women In History Ii
Muslim Women In History Iii
Muslim Women In Recent History
Place Of Family In Islam
Position Of Women In Ancient Civilization

Position Of Women In Islam:
Economic Aspect
Political Aspect I
Political Aspect Ii
Social Aspect
Spritual Aspect

Women In Judaeo-Christian And Muslim Scriptures Part1 Part2

The Qur’an-Its Authenticity And Its Sciences:
Arrangement Of The Qur’an
Baseless Claims In Al-Kafi
Bases Of Arrangement
Connection Between Surahs 1of6
Connection Between Surahs 2of6
Connection Between Surahs 3of6
Connection Between Surahs 4of6
Connection Between Surahs 5of6
Connection Between Surahs 6of6
Criteria For Classification
Discussion Of Objections
Early Compilation
Early Copies (Othmaans Time)
Early Preservation
Makki & Madani Revelations
Naskh Supersession I
Naskh Supersession Ii
Naskh Examples Iii
Naskh & Purity Of Creed Iv
Nothing Lost Or Dropped
Piecemeal Revelation
Qur’an Sciences – Introduction
Reasons For Revelation
Script And Recitation
Subclassifications Of Periods
Support Of Othmaan’s Decision
Tafseer Interpretation I
Tafseer Interpretation Ii
Translation – Difficulties I
Translation – Major Errors Ii
Translation – Additional Errors Iii

The Qur’an Ultimate Miracle:
Contents Of The Qur’an – Manifestation Of It’s Source
Did The Qur’an Pre-Exist Before It’s Revelation Part1 Part2 Part3
Linguistic Miracle Of The Qur’an:
I – Perpetual Challenge
II – Beyond Human Capacity
Iii – Unique Characteristics
Iv – Specific Examples
V – The Flow Of Meaning
Source Of The Qur’an:
I – Internal Evidence
Ii – Impossibility Of Muhammad’s(saw) Authorship
Iii – Absence Of Personal Motives
Iv – Epilepsy – Unscientific Explanation
V – Religious Illusions I
Vi – Religious Illusions Ii
Vii – Learning From Others
Viii – Borrowing From The Bible 1of4
Ix – Borrowing From The Bible 2of4
X – Borrowing From The Bible 3of4
Xi – Borrowing From The Bible 4of4
The Qur’an And Modern Sciences:
I – Reservations & Comparisons
Ii – Comparisons With The Bible
Iii – Water Cycle
Iv – The Universe
V – Astronomy
Vi – Geology, Botany, Zoology
Vii – Human Reproduction 1of5
Viii – Human Reproduction 2of5
Ix – Human Reproduction 3of5
X – Human Reproduction 4of5
Xi – Human Reproduction 5of5

Misconceptions About Islam (Bahrain)
Part1 Part2


Introduction And Terms
Sources Of Knowledge About God
Analysis Of Creedal Formula
Divine Attributes (Forgiveness)
Divine Attributes 2
Effects Of Monotheism On Life
Forms Of Shirk 1
Forms Of Shirk 2, Divine Attributes

Moral Teachings Of Islam:

Beautification And Behavior
Intoxicants  Part1 Part2
Others, Ingredients
Pork (Medical Aspects)
Pork (Religious Aspects)

Forgiveness And Purity Of Heart
Foundations Of Islamic Ethics
Human Nature In Islam
Humility And Dignity
Main Ethical Questions
Moderation And Generosity
Modesty And Dress Code Part1 Part2
Moral Virtues – Taqwa
Muslim View Of The Universe
Prohibition To Safeguard Property
Prohibitions To Protect Faith And Life
Prohibitions To Protect Honor
Purity Of Intentions
Responsibility Of Words
Sexual Morality
The Lawful And Unlawful

Muhammad(saw) In The Bible:

A Prophet Like Unto Moses
About The Qur’an And Ka’bah
Characteristics (Isaiah 42)
Jesus Prophecy (Paraclete)
Lineage Of The Awaited Prophet(saw)
Location (Paran Macca)
Other References And Conclusions

Muslim Beliefs:

Death  Part1 Part2
After Death
Accountability,Paradise And Hellfire
Al-Qadar (Measure)
The Soul
Books Of Allah
Divination,Astrology And Magic
Dreams, Omens, Envy And Charms
Signs Of The Hour

Pillars Of Islam:

Testimony Of Faith

Form And Significance Part1 Part2
Preparation For Prayers
Purity And Hygiene
Group Prayers, Conclusion
Saum: (Fasting) And Charity
History  Part1 Part2
Rites And Significance  Part1 Part2


Need For Prophets(pbut)
Revelation And Characteristics Of Prophets
Prophecy, Ingenuity And Miracles
Spread Of Islam
Muslim Non-Muslim Relations
Islamic And Biblical Versions
Jesus In The Qur’an – Birth
Jesus In The Qur’an – Humanity
Jesus In The Qur’an – Mission
Finality Of Prophethood

Characteristics of the Islamic Moral Code
Commonly Misunderstood Quranic texts
Offers & Temptations to the Prophet(saw)
Charity & Distributive Justice
Distributive justice & Inheritance
The World at the advent of the Prophet Muhammed(saw) Part1 Part2
Position of Woman In Islam
An Alternative To Mortgage Part1 Part2
Future Of Muslim community In The West
Answering Tough Questions!
Recapturing the Spirit of Islam
Part1 Part2 (with Hamza Yusuf)
Prohibitions or Unlawful acts!
Women in the Quran versus the Bible
Islamic Dawah In The West  Part1 Part2


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