Seerat-Un-Nabi – Urdu Lecture

Seerat-un-Nabi – Urdu Lecture

By – Shaikh Makki Al-Hijazi

Excellent series of lecture on Life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in Urdu.

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8 Part9 Part10 Part11 Part12 Part13 Part14 Part15 Part16 Part17 Part18 Part19 Part20 Part21 Part22 Part23 Part24 Part25 Part26 Part27 Part28 Part29 Part30 Part31 Part32 Part33 Part34 Part35 Part36 Part37 Part38 Part39 Part40

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90 thoughts on “Seerat-Un-Nabi – Urdu Lecture”

  1. Can we have the stories of Quran as that of seerat un nabi in Urdu by Hummah Najmul Hasan.
    Jaza kalla khair.

    1. I humbly request not only to appreciate but act according to the sunnah,Speak out when something wrong is being done around you .Allah expects this from HIS good people “Ta’muruna bil maruf-e-wa-nahun na anil munkar-e” (and they enjoin what is good and Forbid what is wrong)(Surah Tauba) and “bacho us fitne se jo tum me se sirf un logon per waqe NA ho ga jinhon ne zulm kia”….
      Will you then not protest on your blood being saled ??will you then not protest on the eminty and freedom of Raymond Davice??????
      You the followers of NABI???

  2. Seerat un nabi by Humma Najmul Hasan is so wonderful, may Almighty give her reward for this in this world and the world hereafter. It would be wonderful if she could have the same thing done for the stories of prophets and the stories of Quran.
    May Almighty keep her and her family in his eternal blessings.

  3. Really an excellent series of lectures. I suggest you to publish these lectures in urdu written format also. Thanks for the good working. May God help you to do the better

  4. jazakallahumma khaira for the excellent services done by the brothers for dawah work, by publishing the wonderful series of seerah by sh.makki sahab, may Allah SWT reward you here and in the hereafter, aameen

  5. Assalam O Alaikum;

    Alhamdullah, i`ve listen 5 parts of SEERAT UN NABI sallaho alaihe wassalam,

    and in these few parts i`ve gain pecious infotmation regarding our BELOVED PROPHET MUHAMMAD sallaho allaihe wassalam…
    Subhan Allah
    May Allah give best reward to those who provide that BAYAN on internet…

  6. I learned from these lectures and am trying to preach to others. I have learned to fear Allah, believe in the oneness of Allah and to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet. These lectures have ultimately informed me not to do Bidah and am willing to preach to others as well. I have been inspired to become a daiee.

  7. Alhumdulilla, its mine Pleasure to listen the Sirat of Rasool Allah SAS, i think if a stone here this sirat it will melt,Inshallah Jazak Allah khair. Asaalamlikum wr wb

  8. me ne suna he ke rose ki jo khushbu he us ke piche yah history he k AP (S.A.W) ke dant mubark tooota to lahu ka katray zameen pe giray to allah ne gullab ke ander unko jazb kardia or jo ab khusbu aty he wo ap ke lahu ki he

  9. me ne suna he ke rose ki jo khushbu he us ke piche yah history he k AP (S.A.W) ke dant mubark tooota to lahu ka katray zameen pe giray to allah ne gullab ke ander unko jazb kardia or jo ab khusbu aty he wo ap ke lahu ki he


    1. سلام علیکم بھن جھاں تک میرا علم ھے اس کے مطابق ٰی ایک اپنے سے بناے ھوے قصے حالانکہ پھول تو اپؐ کے بعثت سے پھلے بھی موجود تھا۔

  10. As Salam O Alaikum, These Lectures are uniting all the Muslims under one banner and it has refresh once again filled the true source of Deen e Muhammadi S.A.W.

  11. aswrwb: Allah may reward ajar to owner of this website and his family in this world and hereafter….

    Alhmd. i was looking for seeratun-nabi by shaykh makki and i was able to find on this site. Mashallah very wonderful site u can get almost everything whatever u want…………

    jazakallah… wonderful job…….Mashallah………..

    1. visit Quran academy karachi site. this is also one of the very useful sites. listen soutul quran tafseer by shujauddin shaikh. he explained so simple and friendly u might inshallah will not stop listening to him.i am sending the exact site through the page separate just click it when u receive. if it doesn’t work just let me know…

  12. The site appears amazingly astounding to rescue sinner-men in the prrsent day-scenario of complex human life. More after hearing more. Islam is the only religeon to trace ultimate goal of this life on Earth , and also after death. Quranic verses have such high confidence of certainties based on maintainable reasons.

    1. even i am looking for an answer to the same question
      please let me know about the quranic reciter in seeratun-nabi lectures by maulana makki

    2. Kindly if anyone can tell who is reciting Quranic Verses in Makki Al Hijazi Lectures of Seerat un Nabi.


  13. Mashallah ! This’s amazing series of lectures may Allah make us follow the life of Our Prophet (pbuh)

    I recommend you to go through the series of lectures titled Qasas ul ambiya by same speaker soon available on

      1. My Dear colleages Try not to give any context from Wikipedia……
        The Best sources are books or try to seek info from a concern, here’s a brief

        Hajr e Aswat was a stone ascended from Heaven to earth at the time whem Adam A.S was ascended, Earlier the times it was very white and brighter then the colour of Milk. During the reconstruction KABA Nabi Mohammad S.A.W put this Stone Back to its place where its now since, Nowadays due to the uttering lies of many muslims and mushrikeens and our rude atitude towards islam it has turned Black.

  14. great website ? I dont think so. Publishing copyrighted material is a pretty stupid thing to do. What are you going to do if your accused of stealing on the day of judgment?
    And for all those who are downloading the lectures… if you cant afford the lectures, then save your money until you can. Or do you also steal qurans out of book shops, because it’s the word of God and no one has copyright over it???

  15. MashaALLAH this series of seerat u nabi(s.a.w)helped me a lot to understand quran & deeni islam..jazakala hu khair

  16. bht zabardast kam hai Allah Ap ko jzaaye khair dai. Is waqt aisi websites ki boht zrurat hai khas tor pr new genaration k liay.

  17. salam waliakum please send me all the CDs lectures on ” seerat un nabi ” by Makki Al Hijzaji
    A very inspiring lectures on our Nabi (P B O H )
    service charges will be paid as and when requird please advice me InshaAllah

  18. please send me all lectures in CDs Seerat un nabi by Makki Al Hijzaji
    any service charges will be paid to you when reqd
    Shad Ahmed

  19. Salam waliakum
    please send me all lectures in CDs on Seerat un Nabi by Makki Al Hikzaji

    any service charges will be paid to you InshaAllah
    Shad Ahmed

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