Muhammad Alshareef – HajjCoach

Every Muslim dreams of their Hajj as a spiritually fulfilling journey …

…When they discover the Ka’bah for the first time they are overcome with tears
… They pray for hours on end, never tiring, and enjoying every minute
… They make Dua for all their loved ones and friends
… They return home counting the days when they will get to return
… In their hearts they feel content that their Hajj was accepted by Allah

Part 1 – Everything You Need To Know:

Part 2 – Measuring Salah Quality:

Part 3 – Tying Up Loose Ends:

Part 4a – Let’s Go Shopping! (part 1):

Part 4b – Let’s Go Shopping! (part 2):

Part 5 – The Heartwheel:

Part 6 – The Presentation:

Part 7 – Prepare a MASSIVE Dua List:

Part 8 – A Healthy Hajj, insha’Allah!

Part 9 – Memorize The Steps:

Part 10 – Know Your Destination:


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