Signs of Weak Imaan

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Signs of Weak Imaan

# Committing sins and not feeling any guilt.
# Having a hard heart and no desire to read the Quran.
# Feeling too lazy to do good deeds, e.g. being late for Salat
# Neglecting the Sunnah.
# Having mood swings, for instance being upset about petty things andbothered and irritated most of the time.
# Not feeling anything when hearing verses from the Quran, forexample when Allah warns us of punishments and His promise of gladtidings.
# Finding difficulty in remembering Allah and making dhikr.
# Not feeling bad when things are done against the Shariah.
# Desiring status and wealth.
# Being mean and miserly , i.e. not wanting to part with wealth.
# Ordering others to do good deeds when not practicing themourselves.
# Feeling pleased when things are not progressing for others.
# Being concerned with whether something is Haraam or Halaal only; andnot avoiding makroo (not recommended) things.
# Making fun of people who do simple good deeds, like cleaning theMasjid.
# Not feeling concerned about the situation of Muslims.
# Not feeling the responsibility to do something to promote Islam.
# Being unable to deal with calamities, for instance crying andyelling in funerals.
# Liking to argue just for the sake of arguing without any proof.
# Becoming engrossed and very involved with dunya, worldly things,i.e. feeling bad only when losing something in terms of materialwealth.
# Becoming engrossed and obsessive about ourselves.
# Liking to hang around people of opposite *no*.

Possible cure to weak imaan
Avoid Major Sins:

Avoid all your sins, open or secret. (Al_Quraan_006.120)

If ye avoid the great (sins), which ye are forbidden, we will remit
from you your evil deeds and make you enter at a noble gate.

(If anyone does, whatever Allah has forbidden us to do; it will be a
great sin. While if anyone does, whatever Muhammad has forbidden us
to do, other than what is already in Quraan, the majority of that
will be small sins.)

Ask Allah to forgive you, in such a way that you will never ever do
it again; otherwise it will be like a joke with Allah. May Allah
forgive you. AMEEN.

List of Some of the major sins are as follows:

# Associating partners with Allah (Shirk)
# Committing murder (25:68)
# Performing Sorcery (2:102)
# Not performing the Prayers (19:59)
# Withholding the Zakah (3:180)
# Breaking the fast of Ramadan or not fasting in that month without a valid excuse.
# Not performing the pilgrimage when one has the ability to do so.
# Disobeying one’s parents (17:23)
# Severing ties of kinship. (47:22)
# Committing adultery or fornication (17:30)
# Committing sodomy
# Taking or paying interest (2:275)
# Devouring the wealth of orphans (4:10)
# Forging statements concerning Allah or forging Hadeeth (39:60)
# Fleeing from the battle (8:16)
# Wrongdoing, deception or oppression on the part of the ruler (42:42)
# Being arrogant, boastful and vain (16:23)
# Giving false testimony (25:72)
# Drinking alcoholic beverages (5:90)
# Gambling (5:90)
# Slandering innocent women (24:23)
# Misappropriating something from the booty (3:161)
# Stealing (5:38)
# Committing highway robbery (5:33)
# Making false oath
# Committing oppression
# Levying illegal taxes
# Consuming forbidden wealth or taking it by any means (2:188)
# Committing suicide (4:29)
# Being a perpetual liar (3:61)
# Ruling by laws other than the laws of Islam (5:44)
# Engaging in bribery (2:188)
# Women appearing like men and vice-versa.
# Being a “dayyouth.”
# Marrying for the purpose of making a woman allowable for another (Halaalaa).
# Not keeping clean from the remains of urine.
# Acting for show (107:4-6)
# Acquiring knowledge only for worldly gain or concealing knowledge (2:160)
# Breaching trusts (8:27)
# Reminding people of one’s kindness (2:27)
# Denying predestination (54:49)
# Eavesdropping on other’s private conversation. (49:12)
# Spreading harmful tales (54:10)
# Cursing others.
# Not fulfilling one’s promises.
# Believing in what soothsayers & astrologers say.
# A wife being rebellious to her husband (4:34)
# Striking one’s self, wailing, tearing one’s clothing, pulling one’s hair & similar deeds as a form ofmourning.
# Being overbearing or taking advantage of the weak, slaves, wives or animals
# Harming neighbors.
# Harming and abusing Muslims (33:58)
# Harming the slaves of Allah.
# Men wearing silk & gold.
# Sacrificing animals for other than Allah.
# Claiming that somebody is one’s father while the claimant knows it is not true.
# Arguing or quarreling for show & not seeking the truth.
# Not measuring weights properly (83:1-3)
# Thinking that one is safe from Allah’s planning (7:99)
# Eating carrion, blood or pork meat (6:145)
# Continually not performing the Fridayprayers and congregational prayers without any valid excuse.
# Harming others by manipulation one’s bequests (4: 12)
# Being deceitful or deceptive (35:43)
# Spying on the Muslims & pointing out theirsecrets (68:11)
# Abusing or reviling anyone of the Companions of the Prophet (saw)
# Making statues.

…..and ALLAH knows best !


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