Life of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) – Lessons and Morals by Yasir Qadhi

Life Of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) – Lessons and Morals

By Yasir Qadhi

In this series of extraordinary lectures, Sh. Yasir Qadhi narrates, in an engaging and informative style, the life and times of our beloved Prophet (pbuh). What makes this series stand out above the rest is not just the lucid style and narrative skills of the speaker, but also its academic standard. The speaker returns to the original sources of the Seerah, and discusses – based upon the sciences of hadeeth and the verdicts of the hadeeth masters of the past and present – the authenticity of many significant reports. Additionally, he does not restrict himself to merely recounting these heart-warming stories regarding the struggles of the Prophet (pbuh) and early Muslims; he also derives numerous benefits and morals from them. This series (Part One) covers the entire Makkan era.


CD01, CD02, CD03, CD04, CD05, CD06, CD07, CD08, CD09, CD10, CD11, CD12, CD 13

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MIRROR (80 mb)


29 thoughts on “Life of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) – Lessons and Morals by Yasir Qadhi”

  1. Dear Mr. Yasir Qadri,

    My name is Dr. Humaid AHmad and I am citizen of Karachi, Pakistan.

    I am now a days listening to your lectures about the life and times of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). I have reached almost CD 12.

    You have not posted the CDs regarding life of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in Medina. Please do so, I really want to listen to it.

    Waiting very very very very very…………… eagerly for those CDs.

    With Great Thanks,

    Dr. Humaid Ahmad

  2. Dr Dr Humaid,

    The sheikh has not even recorded the Medinan period of the life of the Prophet SAW yet! Hope he does so soon inshaAllah….

  3. Salaams Br Qazi,

    JazakAllah for sharing these beautiful lectures…. there is a gap though between CD 11 and 12, where the sheikh was going to continue talking about the benefits to be learnt from the isra and Miraj, he said that there were about 20 benefits was that not recorded??? please do post if it was recorded.

  4. Assalamu Alaikum bother Qazi,

    I read a response by a scholar about the rules of copyright laws and this concerned me when i found your website. I wanted to know although you’re doing a good job of spreading these lectures and providin a service for the muslims, did u get permission in the 1st place to copy these lectures and up load them for distribution? Please check the following link,

    Jazaku Allahu Khairan

  5. Tried to download this beautiful lecture mashaAllah, managed the first CD and after that keep getting an error message- HELP!

    1. Assalamwalekum Sister,
      You can ask questions here, but i would not be able to answer them. Because i am not a scholar. I would recommend you to visit where Shaikh Muhammad Al-Munajid answers question online.

  6. alhumdullilah, the narration by yasir qadhi is exceptional.

    i am halfway through the makkan era. is the medinan period anticapted for release any time soon? i noticed brother humaid enquired back in october of last year.

  7. Salams, Hi its me again Dr. Humaid after one year..Brother Furqan, I did inquire about it, waiting eagerly…please sheikh sahab do get around to it

    with great thanks

  8. dear brother yassir i heard your seerah lectures and by the grace of almighty i taught these to my students in karachi pakistan may Allah accept it from me and you forever. by Allah’s grace you did an out of this world job and i wish ardently that may Allah help you do more for HIM alone ameen. please try and pray the same for me’ jazakAllahukhaira

  9. asalamelicum sheikh, me and my wife really liked your biography of the prophet pbuh. We watched partial series on peacetv (youtube) and then i was able to find some more on Islam CHannel (youtube), We couldnt find the complete narrations. PLEASE help us. We need to watch the Medina period. We are gaining a lot o knowledge specially about the lessons and morals because living in north america and raising 2 kids we think these lssons mean a lot to us and our understandng.

    We wnt to gethold of either the ISLAM channe series or peace tv seris…



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