The Life Of Talha bin Ubaidullah (RA)

In this series, the imam over a period of 9 days goes through the illustrious life of Talha (RA). From his days before Islam, to the days with the Prophet (SAWS), to the glorious days of the reign of Abu Bakr (RA), ‘Umar (RA) and to through the sad trials of Hadrat ‘Uthmaan (RA) and finishing with his sad martydom during the troubled times of Hadhrat ‘Ali’s caliphate. This famous sahabi was amongst the 10 promised Paradise, and is famous for his exceptional bravery during the battle of Uhud.

{ – Track 1 | Track 2 | Track 3 | Track 4 | Track 5 | Track 6 | Track 7 | Track 8 | Track 9 – }


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