The Life Of Abu Sufyan Ibn Harb (RA)

Abu Sufyan was the chief of the Quraish, and was amongst the leaders who apposed the Prophet (SAWS). He fought battle after battle against the noble messenger, when at a late stage, at the conquest of Makkah, Allaah guided him to Islaam. He then went on to figh battle after battle for the sake of Allaah, achieving wounds, and even losing an eye for the sake of Allaah. The Imam, in chronlgical order, over a period of a week of nighlt talks, takes us through the life of this most worthy man, from the days of ignorance, to the days of light.

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5 thoughts on “The Life Of Abu Sufyan Ibn Harb (RA)”

  1. This summary about Abu Sufyan’s(RA) life barely has information, even with the links. I think this site needs more improvement and maybe even more research. It also needs a few more details.

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