The Battle of Yarmuk

In these lectures, Imam Yusuf Al Hanbali, vividly describes, in great detail, the battle of Yarmuk. Going through day by day, the tactics used, the formations of the battalions on both sides, describing scenes that history had never seen, the Imam takes you to the battlefield. This decisive encounter was the biggest battle ever fought by the Muslims so far. The Muslims numbered some 40,000, whilst the Romans 200,000, some narrations say more. It was this important battle that saw the decline of the Roman Empire, and was the most trialling battle the Muslims had faced. This history changing event, saw the likes of Ikrimah (RA) bin Abu Jahl martyred and a General of the Roman Army convert to Islam. The Muslims were lead by Khalid bin Al Waleed (RA), and helped by the Qadr of Allaah.

{ – Part 1 | Part 2 – }


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