Tafseer Surah Luqman

Known for his great detail and precision, Yahya Ibrahim presents this comprehensive explanation of one of the many Surahs that provides numerous lessons for the believer. The essence of this Surah is Prophet Luqman’s wise advice to his son which of course is not only applicable to the son of Luqman but also to the believers in general, regardless of age.


3 thoughts on “Tafseer Surah Luqman”

  1. Allahu akbar, Allah’s peace and blessings be upon our prophet.
    Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullaah,

    The links are not working anymore. It is has been sometime since you uploaded them, so that may be the reason. Inshaa’Allah if you are able to re upload them, I would very much appreciate it. Even if you can’t then, jazaakallaahu khayran, Allah accept all your efforts, Ameen and grant you Firdaws. Ameen. You have helped so many brothers and sisters. Allah bless you in abundance. Ameen

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