Lives of the Prophets (as)

Series of Lectures By – Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki

The Prophets of Allah are the greatest men that ever lived. They are the role models for humanity. Their hearts were the purest, their minds were the wisest, and their deeds were the most righteous. But a lot of what is narrated about them is fact mixed with fiction. Neither the Bible nor historical works provide a reliable account of these great men. The myths surrounding the lives of the prophets have even spilled over to some Muslim history books. So then, where can we learn about the Prophets of Allah? The truth about them is learned through the Quran and Hadith.

“The Lives of the Prophets” is a series of lectures delivered by Anwar Al-Awlaki. It is the first such series produced in the English language. The author has done extensive research in the original Arabic resources. The series is based primarily on Ibn Kathir’s ” Al-Bidayah wa-nihayah (The Beginning and the End)”. Br. Al-Awlaki has done an excellent job of relying almost completely on the Quran, Hadith and statements of the Noble Companions.

Imam Ibn Kathir’s “Al Bidayah wa-nihayah” is considered to be one of the most authoritative sources on Islamic history. Ibn Kathir (700H/1301 – 774H/1372) uses his background as a Mufasir (Commentator) on Quran, scholar of Hadith, and historian to give a comprehensive view on the lives of the prophets.

Even though Ibn Kathir’s work is the primary source for this series, Imam Anwar has consulted other books on Tafsir and Hadith to provide the English-speaking world with a lively account of the lives of the prophets of Allah.


01of21 – Introduction, Story of Creation
02of21 – Adam (Cont.) – Idris – Sheeth – Hud A.S.
03of21 – Hud (cont.) – Saleh – Ibrahim A.S.
04of21 – The Da´wah Of Ibrahim – Hijrah Of Ibrahim A.S.
05of21 – Al-Ka´bah – Virtues Of Ibrahim – Lut A.S.
06of21 – Shu´aib – Yusuf A.S.
07of21 – Yusuf A.S. (Cont.).
08of21 – Yusuf A.S. (Cont.)
09of21 – Yusuf (Cont.) – Ayub – Yunus A.S.
10of21 – Musa A.S. And Pharaoh
11of21 – Musa A.S. And Pharaoh 2
12of21 – Musa A.S. And Pharaoh 3
13of21 – Musa A.S. And Bani Israeel
14of21 – Musa A.S. And Bani Israeel (Cont.)
15of21 – Musa A.S. And Bani Israeel (Cont.)
16of21 – Yusha And Dawood A.S.
17of21 – Dawood (Cont.) – Sulaiman A.S.
18of21 – Sulaiman (Cont.) – Kingdom Of Sheba
19of21 – The Family Of Imran
20of21 – The Family Of Imran 2
21of21 – The Family Of Imran 3


3 thoughts on “Lives of the Prophets (as)”

  1. JazakAllah for ur efforts…… i wanted u to know that cd 17 of the series of The Lives of Prophets(AS) is not complete….

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